BesharamClub is the Best Spoken English Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Providing Spoken & Public Speaking Classes Along With Interview Preparation and IELTS Classes.

Are you a seeker of the spoken English institute then Besharamclub is your destiny. Besharamclub is not just a Best Spoken English Institute in Laxmi Nagar, it is a place where all your questions are answered related to the English language. With the most innovative and advanced teaching methods, we have accomplished a number of 5000+ successful students.

Why you choose us for English Speaking Course In Laxmi Nagar

We are, unlike other English speaking institutes in Laxmi Nagar provide you with a practical approach toward the English language and put our grammar lessons on YouTube too. Yes, all the basic grammar is available on YouTube also then why you should join Besharamclub. With the best infrastructure and most advanced teaching methods of English, we give you lifetime membership also so you can learn until you are ready to earn. Below are a few points about why you should choose BesharamClub.

English Speaking Institute In Laxmi Nagar That Delivers Results.

Before joining any institute you look for many things like location, quality, students’ reviews, module structure, teaching methods, and many more things. Plus you should also check whether the institute is delivering the results or not. It is a tough task to decide which institute is best for your needs.

In terms of Delivering Results, Besharamclub is most advised. We give our students an environment where they can be the best of themselves. Our lifetime membership makes it sure that you keep learning and improving until you are perfect. We don’t rest until you become best.

Our students and social network can tell you how effective our teaching is. Our feedback from people will be enough for you to believe that we are the best spoken English institute in Laxmi Nagar which provides the best result you are seeking.

Best Spoken English Institute In Laxmi Nagar

Joining BesharamClub for Spoken comes with many benefits that are not provided by any other institute. Once you join BesharamClub you will not just improve your speaking only but your whole personality will be changed and you can see the change in yourself in just a few days.


Joining BesharamClub comes with many benefits. Like Whatsapp vocabulary, youtube videos, Lifetime memberships and many other things.


We give you the chance to speak also in front of an English audience.

Experience Faculty

We have well educated and experienced trainers.

Special Methods

Various methods of learning English language other than stereotype blackboard teaching.

Flexible Timing

Flexible timing 7 AM To 10 Pm

Study Material

Notes, Books, Audio & Video

Personal Session

Personal Classes & Extra Classes


Get all your grammar-related questions on the spot anywhere whether it’s class or social network.

Lifetime Membership

Even if your course finishes, you can still stay connected with us and participate in all our Public Speaking events.

Public Speaking

We give you the chance to speak wrong so you can gain confidence and emerge as a public leader

BesharamClub Spoken Course Module

As our Guru mantra is BeBesharam so we have designed our course module differently from all other institutes. Our course module is so easy that a person can start speaking from day 1st. 2 Special Public Speaking Session In every month can improve your fluency. Fundoo Friday gives you a special session of learning with different methods like role-playing, standup comedy, stage drama, and many other things.

We provide English speaking classes in Laxmi Nagar 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday. Our 2 hours session consists of a one-hour grammar and one hour of spoken English. So that you can get all the grammar lessons into practice the same day you learn it. We are the best English speaking institute in Laxmi Nagar.

About BesharamClub

We are the Institute of Best Spoken English in Laxmi Nagar that gives you the best environment to learn the language with practical examples and best methods available. Our teachers are most experienced and understand the learner’s needs. We established in 2007 and emerged as the best English institute in Laxmi Nagar.

It is our belief that communication is an essential part of personality development and we deliver enough opportunities for you to become best.

We record all your public speeches and provide you the recordings so that you can learn from your own mistakes. Our English speaking classes in Laxmi Nagar give you the best experience of public speaking.

Who can join English Speaking Course?

Learning or for any other things, there is no age limit for learning and there is not a type which should not learn anything. Age is just a number to learn anything. You just need zeal to learn something. The same is with English. Anyone can learn English and with any age group whether you are a student, a professional worker, a businessman, a housewife or just a common man.

Anyone who finds themselves weak in English, a person who is looking for job but cannot clear interview due to poor grammar or confidence, an employee who is struggling for promotion but due to lacking in communication skill not getting promotion or housewife who wants to create his reputation in her society so you should learn in Best Spoken Institute In Laxmi Nagar BesharamClub.

We have taught many students from different language backgrounds. Our belief is learning a language doesn’t require academic degrees. It just requires an observant person who is ready to copy and learn from people what they learn.

Benefits of joining us
  • Personal Classes.
  • Public speaking classes.
  • Monthly Feedback Session.
  • Advanced spoken sessions.
  • Notes, Books, Audio & Video
  • Extra classes on Saturday- Sunday.
  • Flexible Timing – 8 AM to 10 PM. 24*7.
  • Daily New words in class & on WhatsApp.
  • Public Speaking Classes in Mini Auditorium.