Spoken English Course

3 months: Basic Course

Grassroot level
For a tree to grow, it needs water. We will take care of you like that tree, on regular basis. Like water is required for strong roots of a tree, similarly, BesharamClub will work for your strong roots, I.e, basics.


  • Learn from A, B, C.
  • Learn the way of framing basic sentences.
  • Be able to ask and reply in English.
  • Start building vocabulary.
  • Learn how to do daily conversations.

6 Months: Basic To Intermediate

Practical world of English
When we at Besharamclub the best Spoken English Institute in Pandav Nagar make your roots strong after that we will take you to the next level of this huge and vast universe of English,i.e, speaking. Speaking is like a teenager. Where you will start understanding the practical use of everything about whatever you have learned at the grassroots level.


  • Revise the fundamentals.
  • Learn the way to write
  • Start building difficult vocabulary.
  • Enhance pronunciation
  • Improve Voice & Accent.

6 months: Basic to Advanced Course

Facing the world
Now, this is the most exciting level of this universe of English, i.e, public speaking. This will give you the opportunity to show your knowledge, your ideas about the world. This is the most adventurous level where the ‘Tree’ will start giving fruits.


  • Speak English on world-affairs.
  • Be a part of argumentative discussions.
  • Get the confidence to speak fluent English.
  • Write without hesitation.
  • Enhance pronunciation.
  • Be the perfect package.